Vesna Jovanoska

Vesna Jovanoska studied Theatre, Film, Television, Slavic Languages, Sinology, and Japanese from 1979-1984 in Cologne, Marburg and Moscow. After 1984, she worked both as a screenwriter and journalist. In 1988, she began simultaneous translating for television; she also produced and edited numerous film and television shows as well as mini-series and TV movies for various brodcasters. During that time and while she worked on three novels, Jovanoska also translated three biographies from Russian to German on Joseph Stalin, Lev Trotzky and Nikita Khrushchev, written by Dmitry Volkogonov. In 1991, she became director and producer for the German pay-TV broadcaster,
Premiere (today SKY). She founded the production company ena Film in 1994, turning her main focus toward international co-productions as well as domestic featutre films. Her production company has worked with major partners, including Warner Bros., Constantin Films, Highlight Films, 20 Century Fox, CLTUFA and many others. Jovanoska’s films have not only attracted the top echelon of German actors, but have also starred award-winning interantional stars like Joseph Fiennes, Vera Farmiga, Adrian Lester, David Wenham, Anne Brochet and many others. Active as a producer and director, Vesna Jovonoska has worked in the film industry for approximately 30 years.